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Halong Cruises - Jewal of The Bay Cruise

A modern fully equipped motorized vessel with the added capability of navigation by sail (which we use whenever there is enough wind). She measures approximately 37 meters long from bow to stern and has two 64 HP engines making her one of the fastest boats in the Bay. The vessel was finished in March 2003 and we think you’ll agree she offers an elegant and luxurious way to explore Ha Long Bay. The Junk is effectively split into three levels: top, middle and lower and can be best described as a floating hotel.

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The Cruise







The guests’ cabins are located in the lower level. The boat has 5 twin bed cabins each with tastefully decorated wooden interiors and en suite tiled bathroom. The stylish rattan beds and mattresses are specially designed for added comfort. All cabins have two wall-mounted fans and the bathrooms have wall-mounted showers with hot and cold water.


Indulge yourself with the most creative and sumptuous cuisine on the bay as we serve up a mouth-watering array of dishes. On the ‘Jewel of the Bay’ we take great pride in the quality and variety of food available to our guests. Our menu includes both Western and Vietnamese cuisine and due to our proximity to water there is a wide choice of fresh seafood delicacies such as crabs, king prawns, squid and fish. To accompany your meals there is an extensive wine list comprising both European and New World wine.

The bar


Our fully licensed bar has a comprehensive range of beers, wine and spirits as well as a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. Tea and coffee is also available throughout the day. The ice is made either from boiled filtered water or bottled mineral water. The bar is open throughout the day and until the last guest retires for the evening.


Games Area

The Games area is an ideal area to relax in. The Games area consists of comfortable beanbags around a coffee table with various games including chess, Chinese checkers, dominoes and playing cards. There is also a selection of books and magazines to read.

Tanning Desk

The open-air top deck contains 8 tanning chairs for those who want to soak up the sun or simply relax. The chairs can be altered to either sitting or horizontal positions as required.

Optional activities

Ha Long Bay is the ideal place to unwind. With its stunning views, clear waters and quiet serenity one can quite easily sit and watch the ever-changing panorama as we sail through the myriad of lagoons and coves. However, for those wishing to explore the bay in more depth or try something a little different we have the following activities.




Go where the larger boats cannot and discover amazing hidden lagoons using our lightweight and reliable sea kayaks. The calm sea provides an ideal location for kayaking as we paddle through a maze of islets amid dramatic natural scenery. With our modern Western-made kayaking equipment we are able to maximize on speed and maneuverability as we glide through the many hidden lagoons and stalactite caves. At all times you will be accompanied by the Customer Services. Typically we spend anywhere from to 1.5-2.5 hours at a time on the water. All participants receive instruction on how to use the kayaks, which are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Life vests are provided and must be worn whilst kayaking.

Exploring the caves


Ha Long Bay has a dizzying array of caves, some of which can easily be explored on foot and others that can only be found by using the kayaks. Typically we take the junk and moor it to the island where the cave is located. We then disembark and often have to negotiate a series of stone steps to reach the caves’ entrance. From here we are afforded some magnificent views of the bay.

Night Fishing

Why not try your hand with a spot of night fishing from the bow



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