Our agency is in the business of visualizing data. This article tells us that even the field of art (music), for the perception of which the organs of hearing are responsible, does not do without a picture or image, which together with the sound range and forms the integrity of perception in the audience.

The album cover is a very important element. If it wasn’t for it, any record would be a black and faceless piece of vinyl. Of course, the cover is just the tip of the iceberg, the music is undoubtedly the main part of the album. But the cover can’t help but change your perception of music. Why not?

Read more about three reasons why the image on the cover of a music album is important to the listener.

The cover helps sell

I’m sure you’ve bought a music album many times without knowing anything about the artist. And how many times, looking through the music collections online or offline store, you focus on a particular copy only because of its cover and only then began to study the album itself in detail.

In short, the cover is the first thing you see and it can excite your interest in it.

The cover of this album is in the first place in the rating of the best album covers of all times according to the English internet edition Music Radar.

It is remarkable for the person who created it and for the simplicity of the idea he put into it.

The artwork was created by designer, photographer and artist Storm Thorgerson. He loved to “distort reality” and go against the rules and fashion imposed by the industry giants.

In the list of clients of his design agency Hipgnosis: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Cranberries, 10cc, Muse. But the most favorite objects for his creative self-realization were the albums of the English band Pink Floyd, with whose musicians he knew from childhood.

The idea behind the cover was to depict the refraction of sunlight rays. “It’s a beautiful and simple idea. We see the refraction of sunlight everywhere around us, for example in the rainbow. I would love to say that this is my invention, but unfortunately it doesn’t belong to me!

I think that’s the success and popularity of The Dark Side of the Moon’s artwork – in the simplicity of the visual image and at the same time in the depths of human perception.

The idea of visualizing the cover came to Cobain and Grolu when they watched a documentary about the birth of water. The idea was entrusted to the artist and sculptor Robert Fischer.

He started looking for photos of underwater births, but the photos were too frank, and the copyright company requested $7,500 per photo. As a result, it was decided simply to take a picture of the baby in the pool.

Further artificially mounted bill behind which the baby stretches. The bill is an allusion to the society, in which material values are above all.

Nevertheless, the cover has caused concern for some people because of the sexual penis of a three-month-old boy shown on it. Kurt wasn’t afraid to insult anyone’s feelings in this way, and the only thing Kurt agreed to do was to have a sticker covering his childbearing organ. “You have to be a latent pedophile if it offended you,” said the guitarist.

So the cover of Nevermind’s album turned out to be as provocative as his songs.

Covering helps the album go beyond its own bounds

This is a situation where after listening to the whole album, there are questions, sometimes not even related to the lyrics of the songs, and it is the cover that either answers them or makes the questions even bigger.

At first glance, it may seem like a graphic representation of the mountains, but in fact it is a graphic from the Cambridge Astronomical Encyclopedia.

If there is nothing to do, they can be counted and made sure that they are exactly 100. 100 graphs of radio pulses from the PSR B1919+21 pulsar. This pulsar was opened in July 1967, and initially scientists believed that the impulses come from alien creatures.

But then their natural nature was established, and the romance suddenly ended. By the way, I am not surprised that the history of these radio impulses formed the basis of the science fiction film “Contact” with the participation of Jody Foster and Matthew McConaughey.