Halong Classic Sail, which was born to give a professional response to the need of traditional shops, shops and companies to increase and manage their sales of products and services on the Internet.

We are not simply “manufacturers” of websites and online stores, we are, and want to be, the managers of your online business. That you have a presence, that your products are known, and that you sell and generate business on the Internet.

We specialize in the creation, management and maintenance of online stores and corporate websites. We comprehensively manage all sales processes, from the beginning (creation of an operative online store) to the end (collection and delivery of the product to the final customer), going through all the necessary processes. The simplest and cheapest way to sell on the Internet without unnecessary worries or loss of time.

Thanks to a professional team, with experience in various sectors (Commerce, communication, marketing, and Internet), we are prepared to advise you on all the steps prior to launching your company or business on the Internet and, above all, to manage your assets without you having to worry about anything.

The professionals who currently form are pioneers in the creation of corporate websites.

Already in 1998, when hardly anyone had heard of the Internet, we created the first corporate page of a portal about Valencian handball as well as several personal websites and informative guides.

Since then, and until today, we continue helping companies and professionals to grow and develop on the Internet. Trust our experience.


The Difference is in the Management of present there are many companies that offer the creation of websites and online stores, but not always deliver the web ready to sell from the first moment (unless you increase the cost of the project by a few supposed “extras”), or offer a management service of the same, as they are based on a self-manageable system, ie once delivered, you must take care of everything.

In Halong Classic Sail we are aware that for traditional commerce, small and medium enterprises, new businesses and even for multinationals, it is not always possible to devote enough time or resources to e-commerce.

If this is your case, have you stopped to think about what you are losing? Extend your sales network, increase your turnover, sell products in liquidation, allow the hiring of services from anywhere, improve your image, publicize your products … Today you must be on the Internet and take advantage of its many advantages.

We will guide you through this process. We offer you the possibility of having an Internet presence through a corporate website, and even more, create, manage, and market your products and / or services from your own online store. We adapt our processes to your needs, in an integral and professional way.

With Crecimiento Online you will never find yourself alone on the Internet, since we offer you assistance and management adapted to your needs and resources. Do you need to manage your store’s payments? Pay more attention to your blog or social networks?

Don’t know how to send your products or manage returns? Do you always want to receive the amount of a sale, and you don’t trust transactions and fear card fraud? Do you want to sell your products without worries, charging them every month….