How to create a studio for shooting for a small amount of money?

In today’s reality, this is more important than ever. Before, creating video content was a luxury for a business, but now it is a prerequisite for attracting an audience.

Many people are afraid to even think about organizing their own film studio. Perhaps you think that the studio costs tens of thousands of dollars and should look like this:

Over the past ten years, camcorder technology has improved dramatically, and now the studio doesn’t need too much equipment or money.

Such a studio, as on the screenshot, can be organized for small money. And you will be able to record and broadcast high-quality video with crystal clear sound.

We’ll tell you how to do it.

To the last paragraph of the post you will already have a detailed roadmap of your video studio.

You can start with a simple studio and a small budget, and then you’ll know how to upgrade to a pro-level studio with high-resolution cameras, multiple viewing angles, professional audio and lighting.

But before you dive into the details of what you need to buy, try to consider three important requirements for the creation of a film studio. Thanks to these tips, you won’t have to spend money on equipment that you can do without or that is incompatible with other electronics.

Choose the right equipment

Some people go to the store and on the advice of friends buy electronics for all occasions.

This can be the Lav microphone, which costs a refreshingly expensive, or the recently released Zeiss lenses for $3,000.

The problem is that there are millions of “tools” in the video production – and that’s good for one case, not necessarily good for the other. Sometimes the hardware you purchased is not compatible with other parts of the system, or something may work wrong when you try to build a single system out of all the parts.

As a result, you will have a set of hardware that is not much different in functionality from the two “Legos” blocks.

But the equipment described in this article will work with each other without any hiccups.

Simplify the broadcast

Video and video marketing continues to evolve and improve; one thing is clear from these trends: streaming video is becoming increasingly important. (Especially on Facebook)

Remember that you can always adapt streaming video to other platforms.

Unfortunately, not all cameras have this technology properly implemented. And if you’re not sure what you’re buying, you might have an expensive camera on your desk without streaming. (At least until you have an expensive and complex converter.)

But following our advice, you don’t have to worry about that.

Remember, you can always adapt streaming video to other platforms:

  • You can upload your Facebook feed to YouTube later
  • Make a podcast out of the audio track
  • Finally, if you decrypt the video and split it into several parts, the text can be used for posts.
  • However, we can do the opposite: the material in the blog (at least partially) can become a script for broadcasting, podcasts or clips.


And the last requirement is to update the equipment in the correct order. What we are about to tell you may surprise you a little.

Most people think that the most important thing in a film studio is a good camera. But that’s not really true. Instead of buying a camera, it’s better to invest in quality audio.

Many people, including you, already have a good camera at hand. You probably have it in your pocket, on your desk or somewhere between the dashboard and the driver’s seat.

It’s about a smartphone. Modern smartphones are equipped with a good camera, especially new versions of the iPhone and Samsung. Of course, these are not the best possible cameras, but they are powerful enough for most needs. So if you’re just getting started, it’s better to use a smartphone. And instead of buying a camera, spend money on quality audio.

Why audio?

Audio is the most important aspect for the studio. Think about it. Most viewers will not notice if the video is a few pixels. For example, the quality of Blair Witch Project’s video was frankly low, but still the box office was $248.6.

In general, here is a list of priority purchases for the studio:

  • Invest in quality audio.
  • And then upgrade your video equipment (at first, an entry-level camera will be enough, as professional video systems are expensive and difficult to set up)
  • Then improve the background

Follow these tips and you’ll get the best studio for relatively little money. You’ll have quality video and audio – and you’ll be able to get started quickly, without any additional configuration manipulation.

Audio equipment

As mentioned, audio is a priority. The sound should be loud, clear and understandable enough.

Most people understand audio equipment as microphones. There are several types of microphones – lavaliere microphone, scottan, microphones for podcasts, etc.

We will also touch upon the topic of mini-sound mixers, which may be necessary depending on the camera. The mixer acts as a preamplifier, providing phantom power for the microphone if needed.

Smaller audio equipment

If you’re just getting started in video production, the first thing you should buy is Saramonic SmartRig+ ($100).